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The Texas Local Government Center (TLGC) is a non-partisan 501(c)4 pending non-profit corporation. Incorporated in 2016. TLGC is committed to being a central resource for locally elected officials that provides a unique, knowledgeable, and fiduciary perspective looking out for the interests of the taxpayer through a number of resources and programs. These programs include continuing education courses that some local officials must complete. Policy guides and resources, which provide analysis of current public policy employed by cities and counties and what improvements as well as reforms, local officials can adopt to improve transparency and accountability in local government. Panel discussion symposiums held on a variety of topics across the state to provide a forum to discuss ideas as well as best practices in local government.

We provide these resources at minimal cost to you and your entire council, commission, or court through a membership with your city or county.



The Texas Local Government Center, is dedicated to developing and advocating for legislation, regulations, and government programs to improve the operation, efficiency, and accountability of local governments.


  • We are citizen-centered.
  • We prioritize the protection of personal liberties.
  • We believe in sound financial management with an eye to fiscal stewardship.
  • We believe in an accessible and accountable government.
  •  We prioritize government ethics and transparency.
  • We believe government should focus on essential services.
  • We shall promote an environment that encourages open dialogue about local government.
  • We shall identify challenges and opportunities faced by local governments, and how best to solve them. 

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